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Looking for silver investment in Singapore? You have come to the right place.

The best way to invest silver in Singapore is to accumulate physical silver.

Silver is still very undervalued and well known billionaires are jumping into physical silver to hedge their positions against other asset classes.

Why buy silver from
Gold Price Singapore?

1. We provide very competitive price on your silver purchase.

2) Convenient at the ease of your home, office or on the go as long you have internet access or accessing our online store via your mobile phone.

3) Secure via secured website.

4) Variety of gold and silver products for you to choose from.

5) We provide delivery services for your gold and silver products all the way to your door-steps.

Trading physical silver is a long term investment to preserve your wealth and hedge against currency inflation.

Since 1913 when US Federal Reserve Bank was established, they have the freedom to print money for the world until today and all of us are now living in hyperinflation stage.

16 years back, a four room hdb flat in Singapore valued around S$96,000+. Now, its value raises to around S$430,000+. Look at how fast the inflation rate rises in just 16 years. This is just an example on how the inflation causes everything to rise.

As long as US Federal Reserve Bank keep printing paper currencies, then is definitely wise for us to continue hedging our silver position against US dollar.

Silver investment is No.1 investment as quoted by Robert Kiyosaki.

He explained
Gold and silver is God’s money and mankind has turned God's money which is physical gold and silver into man made money.

Silver is industrial precious metals used in cell phones, telephones, computers, electric lights and everywhere.

The more information edge become, the more use silver. Stocks is at all time low and it is not discovered much more. Poland has about 25% of world

Read about his interesting article on
Robert Kiyosaki – SILVER as an investment to find out more.

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Review By Kit
Bought my first silver bar from Billy. Good and trustworthy seller. Will definitely recommend.

2014-02-22 11:59:31
Review By Zhiqiang
Very honest seller. Good recommendation from billy as we'll. will sure return to purchase more.

2013-12-02 22:29:53
Review By Kim Teo
Even though I just bought a 100g PAMP Gold bar, this guy, Billy, is very friendly. Definitely not a biased seller. I will for sure, be back and get for more.. Cheers Billy..

2013-10-27 08:24:39
Review By Allen
My first transaction with GPS makes me feel sincerity from Billy. Explanation of the product bought and without a thought, a thoughtful man looking into the need of the buyer. GPS is a recommended place if you intend to start your commodity collection. For sure i will.

2013-06-15 16:55:41
Review By Alizah Abdulla
I've just purchased the 5grams pamp Suisse fom Billy yesterday, it was a great pleasure to know u. Service was excellent shall return for more.

2013-05-13 17:09:33
Review By Alizah Abdullah
I've just purchased the 5grams pamp Suisse fom Billy yesterday, it was a great pleasure to know u. Service was excellent shall return for more.

2013-05-05 12:47:23
Review By Lim Even
Started my precious metal investment collection diversification plan about 9 months ago and approached Mr Billy from Gold Price Singapore, had enriched my knowledge and belief in continue month after month. with the current dip in metal prices, presented to us an golden opportunity to enter and acquire more in our wealth creation for the future. GPS is pro-active, dependable and professional in services rendered and I hope they can incorporate some form loyalty membership plan for us as investor as partners to benefit from some form of discount benefits. I am one very satisfied customer of Gold Price Singapore and look forward for better deals in near future.

2013-04-19 20:31:48
Review By Michael Chua
I had just purchase some gold from billy today.he is very trustworthy and friendly. He called me again for some cash refund as I leave his office. Will definitely return again..

2013-04-19 02:40:55
Review By Mr. Lee
Trusted Gold & Sliver Authorized Dealer.Fast Transaction with Positive SSL Certificates.With Gold/Silver 24-hour Spot Chart.100% Highly Recommended.Will definitely be back with more order :)

2013-04-18 23:24:25
Review By HAIRI
Billy was very accomodating. I'm happy with my purchase. Will definitely return again though i'm staying on the other side of Singapore. Thanks Billy, n sorry to disturb during ur kopi time. See ya

2013-04-04 23:05:15
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